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2018 Senior Attire

Cynae Sullivan, Writer

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Attention Morton West class of 2018! It’s almost our time to graduate! Have you ordered your senior attire yet? This year Jostens is developing and selling all of our senior wear including shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, shirts, water bottles, rings and much more.

The order dates were Wednesday January 31st, Thursday February 1st, and Thursday February 15th. But if  you missed any of these days, you can order online at Jostens has package deals with their most popular products.  The Mascot Package is the most popular package and includes 15 official school announcements with matching foil border name cards, tissue overlay, free return address labels and envelope seals, 50 personalized thank you notes, 1 performance hoodie, 1 2018 key ring and a free souvenir tassel for $160. You can go on the website and type in “Morton West” to see all types of shirt designs, hoodies, sweaters, etc along with different colors.

Senior Ta-tyana Parker ’18 shared her thoughts on this year’s senior attire, “The prices are too high but I think I still want to purchase it because it is really cute.” This year a lot of people are saying that Morton should’ve done their own senior attire. Parker states, “They should’ve did their own attire because more students would’ve probably purchased it if we didn’t have to order them.” Parker also likes the colors she says, “I like that they aren’t Morton colors because if they would’ve just did Morton’s colors for our school then other schools would’ve wanted their school colors.”

Senior attire found on

Kiandria Armstead ’18 also gave her opinion on this years senior attire, “The attire this year is really nice although Morton should’ve did their own it’s still good that when you go online you can actually order things that have Morton’s name and logo on them.” Armstead also felt that the prices are a bit on the high side but they are worth it, “Even though the prices are kind of high it’s good that they give us package deals and we get a lot more for a little less.” Armstead echoed Parker’s comments by also feeling that Morton should’ve done their own attire she states, “Yes because it would’ve been easier for us to just go to the cashier in purchase it on the spot.”

Seniors if you missed the order dates you can still order online. Make sure you place your orders!

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2018 Senior Attire