Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Show 2018

Damien Marquez

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Super Bowl 52 happened Sunday February 4th and it was a tough fight for the win between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles were able to defeat the Patriots with a final score of 41-33.

Justin Timberlake performing the halftime show for Super Bowl 52.

Of course throughout the Super Bowl, the part that attracts the most views is the Pepsi Halftime Show, which people from all around the world tune in watch. CNN Media recorded that approximately 106.6 million people tuned in to watch Justin Timberlake’s halftime show. Many people look forward to this event however, not everyone was happy that Justin Timberlake was scheduled to perform this year.David  Castillo, 18 stated, “He’s garbage, they should’ve put someone who has been relevant the past 5 years.”  Joshua Patino, ’18 senior at Morton West, stated, “Justin Timberlake was relevant in like 2000 so I didn’t like the decision.”

Minnesota lightened up in purple in honor of their hometown hero, Prince.

Although many people disagreed with the decision, Timberlake performed some of his hits including “Mirrors”, “Rock your Body”, and “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. Timberlake also included a Prince tribute, which many were unhappy with because during the time that Prince was alive, it was well known that both of the artist did not get along and had a little rivalry at the time.

Timberlake had a total of 13 minutes to perform the halftime show and only brought out one huge group of guests and they were “The Tennessee Kids”. This was the same group that helped record Timberlake’s album, “Man of the Woods”. Although Timberlake did have some guests, some people agree that they would have rather had someone else. Castillo stated, “He is friends with Jay Z so I guess it would be cool if he brought him out”.

Along with a halftime show performance there is also a Super Bowl anthem that is released with every Super Bowl. This year the anthem was sung by Carrie Underwood and Ludacris and it’s called “The Champion”. Castillo stated, ” I thought it didn’t fit the type of music the viewers that watch the Super Bowl listen to. It feels more teenage girl type of music”.

Overall the Super Bowl halftime show has mixed reviews, but every year the halftime show is unique. Hopefully one year, everyone can agree on an amazing halftime show.

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