Super Bowl Commercials

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots went against each other in this year’s Super Bowl 52 on Sunday February 4th at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota.  According to CNBC, Super Bowl ads cost more than $5 million per 30 seconds. With advertisements costing this much, you might think that the commercials will be very successful and will be adored by the audience,  but the truth is some will be disliked.

Ulysis Gonzalez, ’18, really liked the commercial for the Han Solo (StarWars) movie trailer. Gonzalez stated, “My favorite part of the movie trailer was when Chewy and Han Solo look over the plains of Hoth.” Gonzalez felt like it was nostalgic because he loves Stars Wars since he was about 7 years old. Throughout the Superbowl commercials, Gonzalez stated that there was a moment when the TV screen just went black for at least a minute. It seemed as if a commercial was withdrawn leaving a pause of silence, but it was actually an equipment failure.Other than that brief moment, Gonzalez felt like the commercials were well put together and witty.

Margret Wong, ’18, said her favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Mountain Dew Ice commercial with Morgan Freeman. Wong stated, “I really like Morgan Freeman as an actor so since he was singing in the commercial, I was already into it. Plus I thought the song and the special effects were cool.” Wong thought that toward the end of the commercial, when Morgan Freeman crossed his arms and said “Holla”, that it is hilarious. Wong didn’t really dislike any of the commercials,  all the commercials were really unique in their own way. Wong stated, “I thought the commercials were interesting and kept me wanting to see what will happen the next commercials.”

Victor Velez, ’18, believed the Super Bowl commercials are really entertaining. Velez’s favorite commercial was the Avengers Infinity War trailer. Velez states, “I always really been into Marvel movies and comics since I could read, so this Avengers Infinity War commercial really got me excited and anxious to see the movie.” Velez’s favorite part about the trailer was when they showed Captain America’s new shield and when Iron Man flew into the frame with Dr. Strange. Velez thought that the commercials involving Marvel characters were really amazing and that he didn’t expect them to play those type of commercials during the Super Bowl. Velez states, “Usually when I think of Super Bowl commercials, I think of something silly like the commercial with two of the giant players dancing together, so when I saw the Marvel commercials, it was a delightful surprise.”

The 2018 Super Bowl commercials were, in total, popular to most of the students and people watching. People seemed to really enjoy the commercials and find them quite entertaining and interesting as 112.3 million people watched the broadcast. If some people ever missed these commercials they could always search the commercials online and watch them.