The 4×5 Art Show

Kiana Ventura, Editor

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The 4×5 Art Show, otherwise known as the “biggest little art show” took place from October 21 through November 9, 2017 at Oswego High School. This art show was an opportunity for many students from many different schools to represent and show their work to many people. Although the event had quite a distance to travel, taking about 1 and a half hours, many Morton West High School students, about 30, were able to attend the art show by taking a school bus supplied by the school.

Digital Art by Nathan Hernandez

The 4×5 art show had a variety of mixed media in which there was only one rule…every piece of art had to be in the dimensions of 4×5 inches. Ms. Obermaier states, “It was great and it’s a really cool show because…you have to work in a very small format, its 4 inches by 5 inches wide so you have to think about what is going to look good in that scale…there was digital art, photography, computer art, painting and drawing, and there was 3D and mixed media.”

Due to the variety of media, everyone had a chance to view their favorite ones. Although the art show seemed to have a big crowd, many still enjoyed themselves with the display of many beautiful works of art. Nathan Hernandez states, “It was actually pretty nice. There was a lot of art and there was a lot more people than expected.”

Right before the art show, there were a couple hours that were used as a college portfolio day for students to show their portfolio to colleges of their choice. Caroline Delgadillo, a senior at Morton West who attended the art show, prepared a portfolio beforehand and was able to show both NIU and SAIC some of her best work. By taking this opportunity, students were able to get advice from the colleges on what needed a little more work and which ones they liked.

Digital Art by Caroline Delgadillo

When showing colleges your portfolio, it’s like a part of the application process. When choosing to major in art, part of the application process involves the viewing of the Portfolio and the acceptance of it. This served as a great advantage to Delgadillo as she states, “…SAIC, they liked it and they chose to accept it as a part of the registration.” Delgadillo actually plans to attend SAIC and now is mostly done with her application process.

Digital Art and Ink by Nathan Hernandez


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