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Jorge Ortiz: Track Star

Jorge after a race with one of his teammates.

Jorge after a race with one of his teammates.

Jorge after a race with one of his teammates.

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Educated. Talented. Smart. Energetic. Outgoing. Ambitious. Passionate. These are just a couple of words to describe one Morton West’s best students who earns stellar grades and participates in school activities.

            We asked Jorge Ortiz “Are you involved in any school activities?” He answered with “Yes, track and field as well as cross country.”  Ortiz ’18 also stated that he “prefers track and field since the races are shorter; this allows me to do better in my races since I am more attuned to speed rather than endurance.” Jorge manages to keep everything intact by “having to stay up late to finish assignments. I would rather sacrifice sleep than give up an activity that I love.” We also asked if he would like to join a activity that he isn’t in yet.  He said “I would love to be in swimming because I’ve always had a passion for it, but I would rather spend my time running.” Doing these activities Jorge  says he “has noticed a difference in my body and overall athletic skill.”


Jorge Passing up one of opponents!

Ortiz says “I would really enjoy running run track in college.” He also stated that he’s been in both activities for “all four school years,” but added that he misses a day every now and then. Good thing you can’t get kicked out, he said. “There are no tryouts so you cannot get kicked for not showing up. Everything is up to the participant and if he wants to improve himself.” He said he misses Saturday because it’s the only day that he works. He’s a great athlete and a hard worker outside of school. Ortiz “loves the program because they are like a second family; they are people whose personalities I am accustomed to, and people who I have grown and matured with.”

Jorge is in track because he loves it and finds it beneficial; it relieves stress and gives him time to think to himself.  He also enjoys participating in weekly meets and “trying to score points for my team.” Ortiz also says, ” I would say that I am good at it since I am constantly

Jorge outside of school and school activities relaxing with pals.

winning ribbons and medals for my efforts, but I still have a long way to go if I wanna pursue my athletics in college.”

Jorge is… Amazing. Ambitious. Hard working. Competitive. Restless. Outgoing. Those are just a few of many more words to describe the track star Jorge Ortiz. He has a passion for running and wants to continue when he is in college. He will continue to lose sleep to make sure he does well in school and has time for track and field as well as cross country.  Maybe he will even start swimming, which is another passion of his. Jorge has made many friends who are like his second family.

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Jorge Ortiz: Track Star