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One of Morton’s Finest

The Sterling decided to interview one of Morton West’s most involved students, Omar Samaniego.

Omar Samaniego after winning Homecoming Prince.

Omar Samaniego after winning Homecoming Prince.

Omar Samaniego after winning Homecoming Prince.

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Q: What clubs are you currently involved in and what positions do you hold in these clubs?                                                                                             A: FMP, Mathletes, JSA, Best Buddies, SAALT, Class of 2018, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, Mu Alpha Theta, CARE, Student Council. I am President of Mathletes, Director of Debates for JSA, and a Leader for FMP.

Q: What made you decide to join these clubs?
A: I decided to join clubs in general to keep myself occupied, involved, and motivated. I love to interact with new people and meet new teachers. Having the chance for new opportunities by clubs and experiences that are once in a lifetime really keeps me going. I live and long for new opportunities. I like seeing new faces, meeting new people, and interacting in general. It all keeps me going. Being involved has taught me so many lessons, given me plenty of memories I’ll never forget, and has really shaped me into the person that I am today.
Q: How do you manage to be so involved while taking AP classes?
A: I just naturally manage my clubs, meetings, sports, and my outside extracurriculars. All my clubs meet each day of the week, before and after school. I also know how to manage my time at home. I set aside plenty of time for school and homework. My schedule has always worked out perfectly fine. I wouldn’t really consider myself busy.
Q: What plans do you have for your future?
A: I am going off to college to study either neuroscience or political science. I will also keep myself even more occupied than I am now and join many clubs and sports in college.
Q: What are you most looking forward to after graduation?
A: The new lifestyle college will offer and all the new experiences and opportunities that will come along. I’m so eager to meet new people and to live life in a different way. I can’t wait to meet new people and to learn about new things in and outside of school.
Q: Do you have any plans to join a sport this year?
A: Yes, I recently did Golf for the first time this year and I will be running Track & Field this year as well.
Q: What are three words teachers would use to describe you?
A: Dedicated, loving, motivated.
Q: What is one thing that you are sad about your senior year?
A: How fast this year and time is flying by.

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I am a really caring and strong-willed person. I always understand and put others first. I also am a really social person and I’d say that’s a really good strength that I have.
Q: Would you describe yourself as a good role model for your siblings?
A: Yes, I set an example for my younger brother and even for my older siblings as well.
Q: What is your favorite thing about being a Morton Mustang?
A: The #MORTONORIDE! I love being a student, athlete, friend, and leader at Morton. I absolutely love all of the teachers, staff, security personnel, counselors, lunch ladies, administration, students, EVERYONE. Being a Morton Mustang to me means happiness by the people there.
Q: What is your least favorite thing about Morton?
A: N/A
Q: What do you do on a regular basis after school?
A: I attend either clubs or meetings, and I also stay after school sometimes to work on tests/schoolwork. After I finish, I go out to do homework with friends ’til nighttime and get home to eat/sleep or I go straight home.

Thank you for such a great interview, Omar!

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